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The Cal Poly game

What will it take for UND to beat No. 18 Cal Poly on Saturday in the Alerus Center.

For starters, the Sioux have to hang on to the ball. In its last two games, UND is a minus-5 in the turnover ratio. In its first five games, the Sioux were a plus-6.

No question, UND's offense is in a rut. I'm guessing there will be a few different looks from UND's offense against Cal Poly. But there likely won't be any major changes. Backup quarterback Brent Goska will take a few reps against the Mustangs. 

Goska's running, which was impressive last week at Southern Utah, and Jake Landry's passing could help lead UND out of its offensive rut.

A big defensive key is to stop Cal Poly early. The last two weeks, UND opponents have scored on their first possession - putting the Sioux on their heels.

Cal Poly, arguably, is the best team to play in the Alerus Center since it opened in 2001.

So how many Sioux fans will turn out to see the game? It's Halloween and the Sioux have lost two in a row.

UND fans have been spoiled in the Alerus, where the Sioux are usually a heavy favorite to win. But those days are coming to an end.

Over the next few years, the Sioux will see more and more teams with talent, speed and depth come to the Alerus Center.

It will be interesting to see if UND fans will stick with the Sioux as they continue to make their transition to full D-I FCS status.

Saturday's game could be the first indication of what Sioux fans think about playing at a higher level.




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  1. D1 Hockey…yes. D1 FB…?

  2. Wayne, I wish you would quit blaming UND’s 2009 misfortunes and subpar performances on the move to DI. The fact is that every UND team in this decade except for the 2002 & 2008 teams would beat this year’s squad by 40 points. It is not so much who we are playing, but who is playing for us. Recruiting, attrition, and coaching are the biggest factors to a rather dismal season thus far. But the season is not over……….

  3. performance of this team is terrible because we don’t have any players and we don’t have a good coaching staff. This is our third season in the FCS and we have nothing to build on. Its getting worse not better. Look at who we play and look at who beats us. Thinking CP is “arguably” the best team ever to play in the Alerus is a measure of just how weak UND schedules are. CP is 4-3, 16 ranked team in the country. Not a big deal.

  4. poly 44
    und 12

    poly will pull its starters in 3rd quarter, save them up for playoffs.

  5. is wayne suggesting UND should move back to D2 if there is no fan interest?

  6. I was going to buy a pass to watch the game on the internet but I see its on TV!!! Thanks for saving me $8.

  7. Maybe UND should negotiate with the Aurora Center that the attendance cannot be released to the public!

  8. I’m not there because of Halloween and the 4:00 start time. Just a bad weekend and we have to make choices based on our families. I will be a fan in the stands no matter what the record on most Saturdays.

  9. Good to see both UND & NDSU get on track.

  10. Why do you suddenly want to play NDSU? Didn’t UND quit that series? Why now? Why them. You don’t want to quit being a quitter do you

  11. Cal Poly was ranked 18.

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