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UND-Southern Oregon


We're about 10 minutes from kickoff.

UND's seniors and their parents are being recognized on the field.

Crowd again will be small. Between 6,000 and 7,000 is my guess. Students again are a no-show. They must be resting up to follow Brad Schlossman's blog for tonight's Sioux hockey game at Michigan Tech. 


UND fumbles pooch kickoff, SO's Matt Markham recovers at the Sioux 23.

Tyler Crowley 23 field goal, 12:17 remaining. Southern Oregon 3, UND 0

Brandon Hellevang 46 field goal, 9:02 remaining. UND 3, Southern Oregon 3.
Ismael Bamba's 30-yard kickoff return and Mitch Sutton's running get Sioux on the board.

 Mitch Sutton fumbles, SO's Randy Tyler recovers at UND 40. Two fumbles for UND on its first three possessions. SO is driving

UND's Kenny Watkins intercepts a Paul Sweeney pass at the Sioux 5

Sioux can't pick up a first down and punt; SO ball at Sioux 43 with 2:43 to go

End of first quarter, UND 3, SO 3. Raiders, however, are driving and have a first down at the Sioux 21

A very uninspiring first quarter for UND.


 Cole McKenzie 21 pass from Paul Sweeney, Crowley kick, 14:55 remaining. SO 10, UND 3
Sioux are in trouble with another NAIA team, this one not nearly as good as the first one. McKenzie was wide open on TD pass.

Sioux punt on their first possesion of the quarter. Sioux offense totally ineffective.

Sioux have the ball at their 34 with 8:43 to go, trailing 10-3.Sioux fail on fourth-and-2 at SO 35. Sutton dropped for a yard loss on pitch play to the right. Sioux offense is having a very difficult day. Line can't make a surge and SO clearly has the momentum. Sioux are in big trouble with 5:11 to go

SO quarterback Sweeney hits McKenzie for 57-yard gain to Sioux 3.

Vance Beach 2 pass from Sweeney, Crowley kick, 1:37 remaining. Southern Oregon 17, UND 3
Sioux, right now, are headed for a horrible home loss against a 2-6 NAIA team that averages around 13 points per game. Sioux completely flat on both sides of the ball. 
 Sioux driving to SO 6

Ismael Bamba 6 pass from Landry, Hellevang kick, 0:33 remaining. Southern Oregon 17, UND 10

It's all Landry and Bamba on the drive. Don't know why there hasn't been more of that earlier this half. Still, UND is in a lot of trouble.

SO fumbles kickoff, UND's Ross Cochran returns it to the SO 3

UND first-goal on 2 after pass interference on SO

 Catlin Solum 2 pass from Landry, Hellevang kick, 0:15 remaining. UND 17, Southern Oregon 17

Finally, Sioux have something going.

 Sioux score 14 points in final 33 seconds. Southern Oregon will receive the second-half kickoff. Sioux locker room should be an interesting place to be after UND's first-half performance, sans the final 33 seconds.

Halftime stats: UND 164 total yards, SO 151. Landry 11-15-0, 109 yards, 2 TD.

The biggest stat: UND's two fumbles. UND has had trouble hanging on to the ball. The Sioux have fumbled four times. Sioux also can't run as they've managed only 55 yards on 16 carries.


Both teams go three-and-out to open third quarter

Hellevang 44 field goal, 10:58 remaining. UND 20, Southern Oregon 17
Dominique Hawkins blocks a Southern Oregon punt, but UND can't pick up a yard

Southern Oregon's Crowley misses 47-yard field goal attempt on Raiders' next possession. They drove down the field behind Baldwin's running. 6:56 to go in the third, UND 20, Southern Oregon 17

Jarrel Davis 7 run, Hellevang kick, 5:09 remaining. UND 27, Southern Oregon 17
Landry's 51-yard pass to Mitch Sutton sets up TD. Davis flagged for 15-yards for celebration, which looked more like a prayer in the end zone. Guess it's illegal to kneel down in the end zone after a score

 Sioux driving again, but Damilyn Tanner picks off Landry deep in SO territory. Sioux had chane to put the game away but now SO is driving to end the third. THey have a first-and-10 at the Sioux 12 to begin fourth quarter.


 Brandon Baldwin 7 run, Crowley kick, 14:53 remaining. UND 27, Southern Oregon 24
Landry's pick lets SO back into the game.

 There's 11:48 to go, UND up 27-24 and has the ball at its 22

 6:23 to go, SO has the ball at its 23 facing second-and-3

3:55 to play, UND leads 27-24. Sioux offense has done nothing since the interception that led to SO's third TD. Sioux first-and-10 at the SO 39 following good punt return by Erik Mersereau.

Hellevang 22 field goal, 0:35 remaining, UND 30, Southern Oregon 24
Sioux trying to hang on

FINAL: UND 30, Southern Oregon 24
It wasn't pretty, a far cry from last week's win against Cal Poly.

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  1. sorry wayne we dont like to watch fumbles

  2. Wayne, what kind of emotion are you seeing from the Sioux? The radio guys are saying the Sioux seem flat.

  3. 17-3 down to another NAIA TEAM?

    what a horrible horrible program up there, truly embarassing, let us guess, 4500 fans? 2 comments on a game thread, UND has truly reached D1 status, wow, shut it down up there.

  4. How the hell can we be struggling against these guys? This is embarrassing.

  5. This was a big win. This team we played was good. They had it all and they were NIAC!!! I think this is the first win in history over an NIAC team. I demand a rematch!!! What about you guys! Lets get this thing rolling Ok? We want a rematch. In Grand Forks of course. The Big teams always want the home game.

  6. “I hear UND got by a good NAIA team in a really good game. Thats a big milestone for those guys and something we, as North Dakota sports fans, should acknowledge. It was big win in Grand Forks today,”

    I found that Posted on another board and wanted to pass it along It’s a big day!. Go UND (name change keeps me from saying Sioux) Beat the Bison!!!

    I know it’s silly but they might play us?

  7. lets all get on the NAIA bandwagon, yes we lost to the NAIA champs, but we beat a 2-6 NAIA team by 6 points and trailed 3-17! what a comeback.

    NAIA is the place for UND, we could even bring in canadian football players like our hockey team with NAIA, lower requirements, dam, lets do this!

  8. with USF moving up, there’s an opening in their conference, right? the DAC would be an option, und’s basketball team last year was a solid 3-0 vs them with a backshot 3pointer to win 1 and overtime to win the other, and we OWE jamestown a game since we used the weather as an excuse to duck them!

  9. Did UND actually move to NAIA?? There is a rumor that they went D1. NAIA seems to be posing challenges. Possibly they should consider dropping football to focus on hockey.

  10. facts, ur right. also have your football team do something first, one bad year does not make the program and neither does one title make tradition. facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your football team has a long way to go to have tradition. facts!!!!!!!!! but keep trying i like the humor.

  11. 1-1 vs. NAIA competition in 2009. Combined score vs. NAIA competition in 2009: NAIA 52 – UND 43.

  12. NDSU 1st 2 years of D-I:
    2004 loss to Cal Poly (13-10) in Fargo.
    2005 loss to Cal Poly (37-6).
    2005 loss to UC Davis (20-14) in Fargo.
    All those opposing teams now in Great West.

  13. Hey “Give it up” do you really want to try to compare how the transition has gone? NDSU VS UND? Since you took your ball and went home, we won’t play on the field, but if you want to compare how the transition went, feel free. UND has done nothing. Not only that, there is no fanbase, no excitement, no coaching staff.

  14. I kind of like Bloomington.

  15. Bison Pride never goes away.

  16. Wow what a crowd. Ryan Bakken has it right. What a bunch of unsophisticated hicks in Fargo averaging over 18,000 for this type of football. They dont have hockey so they dont know how to act when faced with Cal Polys and Stony Brooks. The NDSU fans sucked it all in for Valpo, a team that doesnt even have scholarships, and continue to suck it up for the rest of the division. What a bunch of hicks they are. UND fans on the other hand are very sophisticated and prove it with our attendance. Terrible attendance equal sophisticated fans. But, if they are so unsophisticated and large crowds expose that why are the UND administrators and the fans so hot to play NDSU?

  17. If you want to compare the first 2 years of transition NDSU beat 11 FCS teams. Also NDSU finished the 2nd full year of transition ranked #20 and were ranked as high as #8. NDSU only played 1 NAIA and destroyed them 56-3. UND has won 3 FCS games so far and haven’t cracked the top 25 and are 1-1 vs. NAIA competition with 1 more NAIA to go. You might want to try something other than comparing the two in transition.

  18. 2004 win to UC Davis (25-7)
    2004 win to S. Utah (27-21)
    2005 win to S. Utah (37-21)

  19. why would NDSU lower themselves to play a NAIA team? UND, its sad, but oh well, maybe in 2040. that sounds about right.

    Great basketball game up at the betty last night, 65-63 vs bemidji St. whew, lets just do NAIA on both fball and bball.

  20. BSU= D2
    Concordia= Um junior high maybe?

    Bison fans, won’t you be our neighbor?

  21. What is it like to attend a playoff game in the Dome? I’m thinking of buying tickets in 2050.

    5-4 > 2-7.

  22. If you want to really get snotty about it, how about NDSU baseball this spring losing to NAIA Dakota Wesleyan? UND isn’t the only North Dakota university playing NAIA teams. You could look it up.

  23. are you really insane? what a bunch of tools, this is FOOTBALL, not BASEBALL, 5-4 vs NAIA teams and horrible teams vs 2-7 vs 3 top 10 teams, give us a freakin break.

    you guys are freakin delusional, you have nothing to brag about up there ever, its embarassing, you are embarassing and your kids will be embarassing.

  24. What’s it like to win more than one national title in FOOTBALL? Oh… nevermind…

  25. UND fans are good at deflecting the attention to something else. Very unusual for them to use baseball though. It is normally hockey. Gotta give the poster credit for being original in sport selection.

  26. Deflecting attention? Word around the water cooler is that your starting quarterback got kicked off the bison football team for his THIRD drinking offense. Seems like you’re deflecting attention. Three strikes and you’re out.

  27. Speaking of deflecting attention, none of the NDSU fans answered my question about playoff games at the Dome. I’m dying to know what it is like to watch a playoff game there.

    And, sorry, but 5-4 is a winning record and 2-7 is a losing record. When we were pleased with our team’s performance against Texas Tech, you gave us crap. Now, three NDSU losses are OK because they were against ranked FCS opponents? Your arguments are based on flawed logic and circular reasoning.

  28. We Got the Nickel and you’ve got nothing, SDSU’s that the marker and you’ve got nothing, We’ve got great facilities and you’ve got nothing. Our football stadium has hosted a play-off game (regardless of division) and you’ve got nothing.

    Hey if you’re bball team is going to play the Concordia’s of the world then spank em- I mean really spank em- after all your big bad division 1 down there. My new chant for Bison fans. Insecure…Insecure…Insecure… — 4 years ago I remember all the Bison Fooball rubes saying how they had such a great recruiting class, and UND’s class wasn’t good- well maybe ours wasn’t good but how are those highly touted classes treatin you now, ya little whiners. How’s it taste? When ya build it up to be great.. how’s it taste to be so below average. NDSU–we have more students than UND you tout, what the NDSUers of this world forget to mention is that they let anyone go there. That’s my new nickname for you the ND Sewers. We at UND ask our prospective students “can you read?” before coming here and at NDSU they ask you “can you breath?” if you do–you’re qualified. You keep building that new basketball facility down there, Your basketball team makes the NCAA tournament and you can even raise enough funds to get out of the crap-hole known as the BSA. It’s laughable. Hey guys– You guys keep comin on here and straighting us out though, because your wisdom is so enlightening. Of course being from NDSU, I should spell it so you can understand it Wizzdumb.

    Have a nice day!

  29. We are very sophisticated in Grand Forks and refuse to watch the Cal Polys of the world. We can relate a little better to Sioux Falls and Oregon Raiders so attendance was better for those two games.

    Now about the reading thing, are you asked to read from face book or do they make you read from a printed page?

    I dont think drinking problems are mutually exclusive, its a shame what hockey does to individuals participating up there. They become alcoholics and none ever graduate. Its an all white team too. Very raciest along the lines of the nick name. I think thats why we love hockey so much up here, its all white.

    But I am really disturbed by the burning need to play NDSU. We quit them remember? Ryan Bakken cant write an article without bringing it up. He is so sophisticated. He wrote the article on the reasons NDSU shouldn’t move up. He got UND and NDSU mixed up. NDSU is in auto bid conferences, they do have fans coming to games they are competing well in all sports and have beaten NAIA teams as well as FBS teams, FCS teams in football, have been to the big dance in Basketball, they are recruiting good athletes in all sports (unlike UND) and have been getting along just fine without UND.

    Now UND seems to be growing smaller by the game, they have been begging NDSU to play in any sport – Dr. Faisons #1 priority is to get NDSU to consider a game at least in volleyball – and UND continues to blow their own horn about anything and everything even though there is nothing to crow about.

    One last question: when will UND learn to measure themselves against their own performance. Does it make your football program any better because NDSU lost a baseball game to an NAIA squad? Does it make your basketball team any better because NDSU plays in the BSA?

    Stay classy UND fans. Act like we have been here before. We just beat and NAIA team and should be celebrating not lamenting the fact that we quit the NDSU series and cant get it back and they have a crummy BB stadium while we have the Betty. They have a better baseball field you know.

  30. Looks like the Mohler story was a false rumor. I guess I should have been working instead of gossiping with the ladies all day.

  31. Remember when we beat Montana Tech, it was awesome. Hey rembember Bison fans when we held that play-off game in the Fargodome- and the place was packed. Remember? Remember? Remember? Anyone? Anyone? Hello? Remember when were supposed to take over the Missouri Valley Football conference? We Bison Fans are so much classier than sioux fans. A perfect example of this is when we tend to post comments as a Sioux fan only to intend to continually try and bring up this NAIA stuff, because to be honest… it’s the only thing we have left. Yes let us stay classy Bison fans, but unfortunately so many of us can’t, we don’t have it in us.

  32. NDSU 56 – Montana Tech 3
    Sioux Falls 28 – UND 13
    UND 30 – Southern Oregon 24

  33. Hey UND fans, does anyone remember winning all of those Championships in football? Does anyone think will be able to attract more than 7,000 people to a football game? Anyone? Anyone? Hello? Remember when our transition was supposed to be better than NDSU’s? Does anyone like the fact that our stadium is losing money and looks like a tin shed? Do you remember when we used to make fun of the conference we are in right now. Let us always compare our programs to NDSU’s and beg to play them again. Go school with no nickname!!! All Hail the 57 team Division!

  34. Most NDSU fans remember that game. We remember the Gopher games, ball State and Central Michigan too. We remember the big dance last year. We remember your Sioux falls game too and the big Oregon Raider Game!!!! What fun, what a thrill for you to be so sophisticated you dont go to games! LOL

  35. Fact – NDSU has never had a home playoff game in the FargoDome. That’s fine, go ahead UND, and just love up all your home playoff games at the Potato Shed. Love ‘em up strong. Brag about your HOME playoff games. Use HOME playoff games as your big gun in a discussion about UND vs. NDSU football programs.

    Home playoff games = UND’s measurement of success in football.
    National Championships = NDSU’s measurement of success in football.
    8-1 baby! LOL, case closed. NEXT.

  36. We dont need no pity. We are really doing great this year. We lost to Sioux Falls but they were #1 with a bench full of red shirts. We beat the other team. Huge crowds. We also beat the best team to ever play in Grand Forks. Now we are almost conference champions. Lets get the rings ordered. It doesnt get any better than this. Lets drop that nickname too before the state goes broke. How many hours can the SBOHE spend on this anyway. I guess as many as is needed right? They are the best lap dogs we have ever had.

  37. watch the language guys.

  38. The fact that you NDSU bozos keep coming here with the same stupid argument shows how truly unimaginative and unintelligent you really are. The fact that I can get you so riled to keep posting is absolutely hilarious.

    Indeed we do have a potato shed, but as its been stated here before…if you want to be a farmer…you go to NDSewer and if you want to own a farm…well I think those people know where to go–so naturally we have the best potato shed, tax payer money can buy.

    Eventually you’ll be forced to find a new coach down there because things will get so bad and you know what, it will be just like being in transition again- you’ll have to start all over.

    Whether your the better football program, athletic program- or handled your transition better than UND—I could give a rip, because in the end- we’re better than you in all ways(facilities, school, community, etc) I know it, everyone knows it…and deep down…even you know it. That’s why you have to keep coming on here.

  39. Some poster has made comments comparing UND vs. NDSU acadamic admissions standards. It got me interested so I did alittle digging into admissions standards. The info is at the following links:

    In general, NDSU will dip as low as 2.5/4.0 gpa and 21 on the ACT for admission. UND generally accepts 2.25/4.0 gpa and 18 on the ACT. Students are evaluated by a case to case basis for both institutions.

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