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Hofstra drops football

Another NCAA Division I FCS program has dropped football.

Hofstra announced Thursday that it would shut down its program immediately because of costs and fading interest. The school said it will use the $4.5 million spent annually on scholarships and other priorities.

The program has been in existence since 1937.

Hofstra, located in New York, is the second FCS school to drop football in the last month. Northeastern, coached by former NDSU coach Rocky Hager, also dropped football, citing the cost of the program.

Both Northeastern and Hofstra play in the Colonial Athletic Association. Four of the final eight teams left in the FCS playoffs are from the league. Hofstra was 5-6 overall and 3-5 in the league this season. Northeastern went 3-8, 3-5 in the CAA.


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  1. There. Now we can stop trying to copy NDSU and start copying Hofstra. The Screwdriver can lead us out of this muzzy mess and lead us through a transition we can actually handle.

  2. If NDSU players don’t lay off the weed and bottle, NDSU might have to drop football because of numbers.

  3. If UND football players don’t start going to class and stop with the physical assaults, UND might have to drop football because of numbers. If UND hockey players don’t lay off the bottle….well nothing will happen. We’ll just sweep it under the rug.

  4. follow those 2 programs, dont try and follow NDSU. muss will lie to more recruits “kid, und is the engineering school of the midwest” oh, wait. Nick Powell has the internet and he figured it out. shoot, screwdriver=fail!

  5. That must be what theyre learning down there how to grow and take care of their marijuana plants.

  6. With the violent behavior by UND athletes surpassing the random event probabilities the circumstantial evidence of steroid use appears. Identifying the screw is one of the keys to understanding UND recruiting.

    How many commits does the screwdriver have? I haven’t heard. Couple of offers though. Good work. We have the strongest bench in UND football history.

  7. No doubt a botanist can grow some good weed. Everything else they develop is superb and feeds us every day. That will be very valuable if North Dakota ever gets medical marijuana.



    WE HOLD ALL THE ADVANTAGES WITH THOSE 3?? why give them up? why share it, People around the country will once again go back to NOT knowing the difference between the 4 colleges… this is a shame and a SLAP in the face for everything we have done in the past 5-6 years.

    The deck.of,cards NDSU + CHAPMAN has built for D1 athletics will fall and suck us back into fcs/d1 mediocrity , NDSU will be just 1 of the dakota schools,.Instead of the opportunity that was there to RISE UP to a higher level and become an ‘IDENTITY’

    this is a slap in the.face of all the progress we made and the ATTENTION we got.

    its a sad day when the haters bring NDSU back to ‘thier’ level. and thats what you got, they are in gene’s (and rest of.ndsu’s coaches head) afraid.their,jobs will be next if the same people that.ran out.chapman can do.that,,,,,what they can do to me?
    its bushleague, and low and born of hatred,jealousy..,,,exactly what UND stands for.

    ,NDSU had a chance to break away,,AND WE THRIVED!!!!

    NDSU doesnt need UND, UND BEGS and NEEDS NDSU for attendence, relevence, everything.

  9. Good grief, Lakes and JBB on the same thread! Must be taking leave of their positions as NDSU Sociology Professors – both gained national notoriety with their own autobiographical study of morons and village idiots.

    Are either of you concerned about the financial audits of NDSU finances upcoming this next summer? How many books will have to be burned and emails deleted before the newest NDSU fiasco. Funny money down there.

  10. Yes Lakes, it looks like it might be the end. Ive never seen such a large group of people, UND supporters, exhibit such hypocrisy. One the one hand “they” insists they are honoring the UND-NDSU rivalry, on the other they say the most vile and vengeful things about what should be done if “they dont want to be honored”. It has truly been a shameful display of self centered obsession taken to the absurd. Hopefully a lesson is being learned and hopefully NDSU stays as far away from them as possible.

  11. At LEAST they have hockey: we’ve got nothing anymore without Chapman. The whole soul of NDSU is gone.

  12. The state and media are now appearing as court jesters for UND.

    Its clear there has never been as much hostile and abusive reaction toward the NDSU as we are seeing now. Look at the comments in todays Forum editorial about the endless “Bison-Sioux” rivalry delays. These racial and hateful comments are reflected on Suesports.com as well. It seems UND supporters want to exact revenge on the folks they claim to aspire to?

    I think there is a shoe to fall if the rivalry game is resumed. Why would the state appear to be on a leash if there werent? Nothing inside the building can be changed according the lease. It may boil down to not using it at all. The tax benefits to REA are the same if the building is razed or continues to operate. We know a similar threat was made to the Governor during construction.

  13. GOT to Move on to Bigger Grounds – let’s forget about FCS and Bohl and hockey and the Sue

    the MAC would love to have the Minneapolis/Minnesota recruiting grounds in their conference.
    NDSU is a regional Minnesota/North Dakota school, MAC would like that.

  14. In addition NDSU brings some Big 10 rivalries with us including Minnesota. Iowa is very close too. Wisconsin is a bus trip like the others. Our proximity to the Big 10 has to be attractive to the MAC. They already interact with the Big 10.

    The footprint is good. I dont think comparing to the Summit is accurate. It tends to exaggerate that point. NDSU in the MAC is no different than NDSU in the MVFC and remember, we would be in the MAC for basketball too. Thats better for us and doesn’t hurt the MAC at all.

  15. You arent alone, Lakes. You cant get ahead by going backward. There is no gain in reliving the past or sharing our market.

    This competition will once again divide the state. Right now its not as divided as it was and the destructive division is weakening every year. Renewed competition will ignite the hard feelings.

    Its been a problem for UND since 1883 when NDSU was first created by the ruling body but not funded. UND was up and running and fought the funding saying a new university 80 miles to the south was a duplication.

    They fought funding succesfully for about 5 years when NDSU was budgeted $15,000. That was a huge defeat for the University and they have never forgotten it. They remain indignant. Important signs of this indignation abound.

    Their now secondary status is a blow. It shows up in the comments of the their head football coach. He states the NDSU/USD game stinks from the neck on up. He feels indignant.

    The pressure to play comes from them. Gene hasn’t conceded the point but if he gets what its worth, Id say NDSU @ Grand Forks for $225,000 does it.

  16. JBB, Lakes,
    There are fine medications available now that can help with overwhelmingly feelings of paranoia and those delusions of grandeur.

  17. Wow, it’s a regular meeting of the minds on here.
    I seem to remember the Lake’s quote of “STFU & go back to your own board” when a UND fan posts on the Bison Blog. Why don’t you heed your own advice.

  18. Wow, comments all over Wayne’s blog from 10 to 11:30pm from lakesbison… must’ve been a slow night for the 37-yr old “Big Man on Campus”??? Isn’t it “rainin’ b*tches” on a Thurs night in Fargo? What’s the matter Lakes, run out of hair gel & can’t go out??? I expect this from a no-life dork like JBB, but Lakes, c’mon man, whats up? Get out on the town & PUMP IT UP!!!
    I know, I know, how dare I say anything about Lakes… I must be a JEALOUS, ENVIOUS HATER. The great Lakes is a legend is his own mind!

  19. Lot of traffic for a UND board. Anybody hear anything about The Screwdrivers big recruiting trip? I heard he never even came back to Grand Forks after the huge win in Ark? Must have been in a hurry to put the screws to some kids. We really dont need too much so maybe thats why he is so slow in getting things going. Looking for those diamonds in the ruff. We have the strongest bench in UND football history. Go Screwdriver, lets at least replace a graduating senior or 2.

  20. cut and paste from http://www.bisonsports.net! I saw those posts. If everyone wants to read the real discussion use the link.

  21. Boy some of you UND folks are sure paranoid. We are in the middle of the recruiting season and our head coach is seeking the best football players in the land and all you guys can do is react to your great boogeymen? Our basketball program, both men’s and women’s, are up and running too. We are UND. We are #1. The screwdriver wiil bring us the diamonds in the ruff a top FCS program like ours needs to have a successful transition. So far so good wouldnt you say? The Screwdriver will only make it better when he finds a few diamonds in the ruff to put the screws too.

  22. Attendance figures from the NCAA for 2008:


    Central mich 22,659
    Ball State 19,201
    Eastern Mich 18,959
    western Mich 18,547
    Northern Ill 18,185
    (NDSU 18,032)
    Toledo 17,008

    Buffalo 16,924
    Bowling Green 15,701
    Temple 15,582
    Miami (Ohio) 15,435
    Ohio 15,340
    Akron 14,342
    Kent State 10,639

    NDSU 18,032
    Youngstown State 14,497
    UNI 12,178
    Illinois State 10,591
    SDSU 9,907
    Western Ill 9,624
    Southern Illinois 9,055
    Missouri State 8,958
    Indiana State 3,885

    As you can see NDSU is a much better fit for the MAC and the West needs a team. We would be a strong program in the MAC. In the MVFC we are by far the largest program. I think we should be in a league with our peers even if it means moving alone.

  23. The state is now appearing as court jester for UND.

    Its clear there has never been as much hostile and abusive reaction toward the Tribes as we are seeing now. Look at the comments in todays Forum editorial about the endless “deadline” extensions. These racial and hateful comments are reflected on Suesports.com as well. It seems UND supporters want to exact revenge on the folks they claim to honor?

    I think there is a shoe to fall if the name is dropped. Why would the state appear to be on a leash if there werent? Nothing inside the building can be changed according the lease. It may boil down to not using it at all. The tax benefits to REA are the same if the building is razed or continues to operate. We know a similar threat was made to the Governor during construction.

  24. I brought this over here. The first puts the MAC comments in context. The second corrects a post carried over here that was altered.

  25. You won three games this year chief.

  26. Arent the UND folks the ones pretending to be indians? How can that other guy that you think is from NDSU be a cheif?

  27. NDSU are Bisons, not chiefs.

  28. Any news on the UND Division 1 basketball teams? Too bad we couldnt work out the schedule. Our coach is fixin to bring you all down in 2012 if you can work it in.

    After playing so proudly and representing yourself so well here at Texas Tech in football you all won our respect. UND was the best football team we played all season, bar none! We were surprised to see you all didn’t make the playoffs. We expected you to be national champions at your level.

    The moral victory was well deserved. Sioux Falls University must be a heck of a team too. We are fixin to schedule them next.

    Sorry about the program though. It was all in fun. Hope you all dont carry a grudge.

  29. yes, UTSA, beat the 1-7 sioux bball team last night. *1 win is vs D3 waldorf* women are 1-6 as well. YAWN, its hockey season

  30. Great attendance with some very good teams in early years in D1, congratulations! After 2 mediocre/lean years how many actual butts in the seats in 2009, not tix sold, 10-12K perhaps? The MVC is a mid level D1 FCS conference as shown in the showings in the playoffs this year. Since the mighty Bison were 3-8 overall, do you really believe you can compete in a conference that is based in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana etc. The U of Minnesota cannot compete with players from those states and you think you can? You are nuts! You are at the level you need to be, do not get overly crazy just because you had one or two wins against these programs.

  31. Attendance is everything. You dont make it without the crowds. You dont stay in D2 when you get 12 – 15,000/game and your opponents draw 5 – 10,000. You dont stay in the MVFC if you are drawing 25% or more, much more, than your opponents. UND can take NDSUs place in the MVFC after NDSU moves on.

  32. Virtually all MAC schools have twice the number of students or more than NDSU. You haven’t won much in the MV. If you don’t win people don’t show up. What makes you think you can win in the MAC when you cannot win in the MV? Fifty percent more for scholarships at the next level will mandate a full house for every game. Better run some numbers or keep your ego in check.

  33. NDSU has already won in the MAC. They beat Central Michigan and Ball State. Both were bowl teams that year. Winning and losing is cyclical. Attendance is not. NDSU at 3-8 would still be the #6 team in attendance in the MAC if the figures posted above are correct. NDSU would appear to be a program ready to move into the FBS if positioned correctly.

    The size of the school is not a deal breaker. How many students does the real UND have, the University of Notre Dame?

  34. Shall I score Drake as a moral victory?

  35. I guess, if you think they tried really hard, you may score it a moral victory.

  36. I will admit the victory over CMU was a milestone, probably a bigger achievement than the win over then and still putrid Gophers. Ball State has never had a strong program. They were/are a mediocre program. NDSU won with probably the best QB (and team) you ever had or will have. If he had stayed in the Big 10 he probably would have been a starter his jr and sr year. The bowl games MAC teams go to are a joke. Detroit in winter? Have you been to Detroit lately? I was there a few weeks ago. It is a ghost town. Grand Valley State, after MSU and Michigan over the last 10 years has been and still is probably the next best FB program in the state. When NDSU played CMU and Ball State, NDSU and SDSU were the only D1 options for players in this area other than U of Minn. which had/has no credibility with Twin Cities kids. Not sure if that is changing under Brewster, but he is trying.

    Bottom line is: Regional population, expense, and availability of D1 athletes are huge hurdles and you need a credible record in FCS before you consider moving to FBS. Win a MVFC championship or finish at 8-3 or better for a few years then maybe, but now it is a pipedream. It may be a resume builder for your AD, but he’ll be gone leaving a huge bill to pay. Just based on attendance it is pure folly.

  37. Attendance is the benchmark. The rest of your post is discussing the business plan. Its all doable. NDSU has a large enough stadium to provide the basis for the move. The future will see a larger stadium built in Fargo. When NDSU moves into the FBS the Fargo Dome will prove to be too small. A stadium large enough to get schools like Minnesota, Iowa State, Wyoming etc will have to be built.

    Dont run the Gophers down. Beating a big 10 team at football was a big deal.

  38. Get serious. The Gophers are an afterthought even here in the Twin Cities. Most of the alumni don’t care unless they are 70 years old and still remember the 1960 Rose Bowl. If they have another year like this one, even with their beautiful new stadium they will be begging for ticket buyers.

    Anyway, good luck with your dreams, it is nice to dream. They are pretty far fetched, though. Just having a stadium that seats 19000 does not mean it will be full. You have to be a bonafide winner and NDSU could not win consistently the last years in the NCC and has yet to prove that they can win consistently at the FCS level. You are in ND/NW Minn. Most of the “counties” that MAC schools are in have more population than the whole state of ND. Keep dreaming, there is not much else to do in Fargo.

  39. bball anyone? UND men 1-9 ? UND women 1-7 and a 41 point loss to gonzaga? ha ha pitiful.

  40. There was more national news on the Gopher loss to NDSU than a D1 hockey championship. It went on for a week. The build up was pretty big too, especially for the second game.

    Explain how Iowa State fills Jack Trice? It doesn’t take it winner to fill a stadium. All that does is make it easier. A stadium is full when the community knows how to promote the game.

    The 19,000 seats is what makes the idea of an FBS NDSU a real possibility. Without it, it truly is a pipe dream. With it who knows? Of course if anybody took UNDs and Ryan Bakkens advice on moving from D2 to D1 there wouldn’t be any move-ups. It doesn’t work for everyone as we are now seeing at UND.

  41. bball anyone? UND men 1-9 ? UND women 1-7 and a 41 point loss to gonzaga? ha ha pitiful.

  42. Again, NDSU won three games this season. This FBS business is a joke. On the other hand, NDSU can’t make the playoffs in FCS, so maybe it does make sense to put together a mediocre record versus bottom rung FBS teams and play in some bowl game nobody cares about every single year.

  43. Re Iowa State: Almost went to graduate school there. Their FB program has struggled for many years. They are more noted for Scientific contributions than their gridiron prowess. They do get the “privilege” of playing the Gophers in another “who cares” bowl, however. Attendance?
    They do have 28,000 students, are 1 hour from the most populous city in the state with perhaps close to 400,000 people within 2 hours, are a member of the prestigous Big 12 which brings in great competition that travel well(a bit above the MAC) and have a huge following among the technical community in the Twin Cities, a far larger alumni base than either ND school.

  44. I think the atmosphere and promotion are more of the essence of Iowa States success than the alumni. I was in prime seats for the full house NDSU game and none of the folks around me we alumns. I did meet a fellow that graduated from Illinois State though and we talked a bit of MVFC football.

    NDSU wont have 50,000 seats, but 30-35,000 would do it. Iowa State is built to scale as would the NDSU stadium. Iowa seats 75,000.

    The MAC would bring its own star power to Fargo. Moving to the FCS worked the same way. Membership in the MAC would give NDSU better scheduling access to all the regional Big 12 and Big 10 teams. Occasionally we would get one of them in Fargo too. I believe a MAC schedule with FBS OOC games played in Fargo and on the road would give NDSU an average attendance justifying 35,000 seats.

  45. I thought there might be some interest in this post?

    “Just talked to my buddy from Ball State. He thinks NDSU in the MAC would be a good idea. The west could use another team, probably football only.

    We also started checking stadium sizes. Boise State has 30,000 seats, very doable for Fargo. Of course the 18,000 seats would be sufficient for the MAC, but once it started I think we would quickly outgrow the FFD. With season ticket sales approaching 50% of capacity now that day isnt too far off anyway.

    The allure of membership in a league that would open the door to games in Fargo with other FBS teams in the regions would be all it would take to raise the money. Fargo is ready.

    If Boise State, Troy and other former D2 teams can do it so can NDSU.”

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