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Rough, rough night


There is no other way to label UND's 73-61 men's basketball loss to Mayville State on Tuesday night.

Other than the Mayville players and fans, no one was in a good mood at the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center after the game. The most disturbing part of UND's loss was the lack of energy from the Sioux. Mayville simply outplayed and outhustled UND. Unacceptable.

UND's transition to Division I basketball will have its ups and downs. There is no question about that. But the Sioux should not be losing to small NAIA programs during the transition. That's the bottom line.

UND's basketball fan base is growing older every year, and losses like the one Tuesday night certainly won't put any new basketball fans in the Betty. With the exception of the Dec. 19 game against Ben Jacobson and his Northern Iowa Panthers, I can't imagine many more decent-sized crowds to watch Sioux basketball in The Betty the rest of the season.

It will be interesting to see how the Sioux coaching staff handles a youth-dominated program that is trying to find its way in Division I basketball.

Can't imagine the staff will go back to the drawing board at this stage of the season. 

Can't imagine many wins, either, if UND plays the way it did against Mayville.

The Sioux coaching staff keeps on saying it will stay the course during the transition, meaning there will be bumps along the way. But the course - after Tuesday night's loss - is turning into a rough ride.

The challenge is to not only maintain the course but navitage a few wins this season as well.

Tough challenge.







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  1. A loss to mayville state

    i like this princeton offense more and more… hopefuly this princton offense keeps us from winning so we can get a new coach!

  2. When can we play NDSU? Please NDSU, put us on the schedules and get us in some real conferences. We beg of you.

  3. I understand that the Sioux/U of So Dak mens game is to be played in the Ralph. What’s the point? There will be 11,000+ empty seats and the floor plus insulation will screw the ice up.

  4. why don’t we drop basketball and baseball. more money for our football and hockey teams

  5. I wasn’t at the game last night, but heard the players seem uninterested and had no energy and the coaches were outcoached by an NAIA program. That is completely unacceptable!! I realize there will be “off nights” but there shouldn’t be 30 or so of them in a season! The basketball program was once a proud program. Now it is a punchline to a lot of jokes.

    Makes for a good, moderated, blog discussion. I look forward to hearing more fans (if there are any left)take on the state of the MBB program.

  6. FYI:

    Combined score, all sports, this year, NAIA vs. NCAA D1 UND:

    NAIA: 125 NCAA Division 1 UND: 104

  7. Hey record keeper you forgot to mention the won/loss record vs. the NAIA. The Division 1 UND Fighting Siouxxxxxxxx are now 1-2 against the NAIA. Of course we have been playing the NAIA elite.

  8. Ha ha Ha, this stuff is funny. On this the day after the big game I have this observation: Bison fans talk about how many national championships they have won. UND fans talk about how many they could have won!

    Take a look at this quote from the argument now raging on siouxsports.com. Heres the latest comment form nationally acclaimed sports writer RD 17:

    “There are years (1999, 2003 obviously, 2006, 2007) where a pretty good argument could be made that UND could have won a national title if things had gone a bit differently. But I will unequivocally say that the 2005 UND team should have won the national championship. The depth that team had on defense was unreal and the special teams were incredible as well to go along with an above average offense. In many ways that team was better than the 2001 team when it was playing its best. To win each of the first nine games by at least 19 points and have a 19-0 lead late against UNO and blow it was terrible. I feel that the end of that season may have been Lennon’s poorest job as a Sioux head coach because he couldn’t get that team to regain any of it’s swagger going into the playoffs.’

    Let the record show UND has a very disappointing football playoff record. Dale Lennon is repeating himself at SIU with his bow out defeat, losing at home.

    Its best summed up by the phrase: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda

  9. At least Lennon gets to the playoffs. Annnd! What is his record against that udder school, I forget, but it is pretty good as I recall.

  10. I think when you copy and paste something that someone else wrote you are probably breaking two or three laws, John. I have a feeling you’re going to get into a lot of trouble this time.

  11. Wayne, Well done. Nice post.

  12. women 1-8 and men 0-8 vs D1 action in bball, ouch.
    shut it down and give the money to hockey.

  13. star2city

    My issues with Jones are four-fold at this point:

    Why no bona-fide point guard?

    Why all the dribbling in a Princeton offense? Dribbling and Princeton are not mutually compatible.

    Why was this redshirt class hyped, even in pre-season. Jones let an expection of a 15 win season seem possible.

    Why the seeming lack of half-time or game-time adjustments?

    I’ve preached patience for years now. I’d be very satisfied with promising at this point. Just don’t see it right now.

  14. Whos watching the screwdrive and his recruiting tactics?

  15. Probably nobody. With all of the unpaid lawyers UND has chasing after Indians, Lakes and JBB there might not be anybody left to advise the Screwdriver.

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